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(1) Score? (2) Height x Width Hardy? (3)Position
3/3 Very good, all round shrub
2/3 Good shrub in many circumstances
1/3 Useful for special purposes
E.G. 'H 3(10') = 'Height 3 metres
        or 10 foot'. 
After 5 years growth.
All the shrubs below are fully hardy unless the notes mention otherwise   = Full Sun
  = Part Shade
  = Shade


 Soil    Position


Foliage Berry Height x Width 


Hibiscus syriacus 2/3 Most red, blue
 or white
July to Oct green No H 3 (10')
W 2 (6')
Tip prune young plants. 
Prune a third on older plants
Hydrangea macrophylla 3/3 see notes pink, blue
or white
July to Sep green No H 2 (7')
W 2.5 (9')
Acid soils give blue flowers, alkaline gives pink.
Hypericum patulum 'Hidcote'  2/3 most
yellow Jul to Aug green No H 1 (3')
W 1 (3')
Will not withstand hard frosts.

Kerria japonica 
3/3 most yellow Apr to May pale green No H 0.5 (1.5')
W 1.2 (4')
Graceful plant with large 
flowers. Prune after flowering 
Kolkwitzia amabilis 
(Beauty bush)
3/3 most pink May green No H 3 (10')
W 3  (10')
Prolific flowerer, arching form.
Lilac Tree
2/3 Not acid white, purple May to June green No H 4.5(15')
Perfumed flowers. Spectacular spring display
Lonicera fragantissima 2/3 most
cream Feb to Apr dark green Red H 2 (7')
W 4 (13')
Perfumed flowers. Prune out 
old stems after flowering.
Magnolia x soulangiana 3/3 see notes
pink Apr green No H 2.4 (8')
W 1.8 (6')
Acid to neutral soil preferred, 
but will grow in most soils.
Magnolia stellata 3/3 see notes
white Mar green No H 1.5 (5')
W 1.5 (5')
Acid to neutral soil preferred, 
but will grow in most soils.
Paeonia suffruticosa 1/3 most white, red or pink May green No H 2.2 (7')
W 2.2 (7')
Needs shelter - early buds 
may be damaged by frost.
Philadelphus 'Belle Etoile (Mock Orange) 2/3 most white Jun green No H 2.5 (8')
W 2.0 (6')
Very perfumed flowers.
Philadelphus 'Virginal' (Mock Orange) 2/3 most white Jul green No H 2.4 (8')
W 1.6 (5')
Very perfumed flowers.
Potentilla fruticosa 3/3 most
many Jun to Sep green No H 1 (3')
W1.5 (5')
Indestructible. All varieties good. 
Potentilla parvifolia
 'Royal Flush'
3/3 most
many May to Sep green No H .4 (1.5')
W .8 (2.5')
Good rock plant/ground 
cover. Indestructible.
Rhodedendron luteum
(deciduous azalea)
2/3 acid yellow May to
green to
No H 1.2 (4')
W 1 (3')
Perfumed flowers. Autumn colour. 
Rhus typhina
2/3 most red Jul to
green to orange No H 2.2 (7')
W 1 (3')
Stands poor conditions well. Orange leaves in autumn.
Ribes sanguineum  
2/3 most
pink April green Black H 2 (6')
W 2 (6')
Aromatic leaves. Some 
varieties are white or red 
Spartium junceum 2/3 most yellow Jun to Sep green (minor) No H 3 (10')
W 3 (10')
Trim to shape in March
Spiraea 'Arguta' (Bridal Wreath) 3/3 most white Apr to May bright 
No H 2 (6')
W 2 (6')
Dense flowers, arching form.
Spiraea x japonica
(a.k.a. bumalda)
3/3 most pink /
Jun to
No H 2 (6')
 W 2 (6')
Not too hardy
Syringa 'Bellicent' 2/3 not 
pink May to Jun green No H 3 (10')
W 3 (10')

Viburnum x bodnantense 3/3 most
white /
Oct to Feb green No H 2 (7')
W 2 (7')
Winter colour and perfumed.
Viburnum x burkwoodii 3/3 most
pink and white Apr to May green No H 1.5 (5')
W 1.5 (5')
Perfumed. Will reach height
 and spread of 3m (10')


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