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Nothing can beat the taste of fruit, vegetables and herbs picked fresh from your garden. In recent years, the health benefits of fresh vegetables and fruit has been recognised more and more. Vegetable gardening especially is a hobby now undertaken by millions all over the world, with fruit and herbs being a close second.

GardenAction online vegetable, fruit and herb diary is designed to help the less experienced gardener, and act as a reference point for more experienced gardeners. Vegetable gardening along with fruit and herb gardening is no longer complicated with the help of GardenAction.

Detailed but easy to understand instructions are backed up by colour photographs  and drawings.  Your online gardening expert explains what needs to be done and when, using the unique GardenAction frost dates calculator (click here for more information).

The Monthly Diary leads you through caring for your fruit, vegetables and herbs. The Mini-Projects each month will show in detail all you need to know about growing and harvesting a particular vegetable, fruit or herb.

Sound advice and information presented the way you want.


Name: jim@GardenAction
Date posted: October 17, 2011 - 04:19 am
Message: You are off to a good start where you live. Hopefully the climate is not harsh. Extend your season with investment in tunnel houses. You can start seed germination earlier to plant out as soon as frost danger is past. You can plant early crops in the tunnel house. Don't forget winter greens and root crops, they taste best after frost. Think about what our grandparents did. Harder times make us more creative gardeners. Good luck.

Name: raggedgarden
E-mail: Private
Date posted: October 16, 2011 - 08:04 pm
Message: I have dabbled for years but now it is time to get be a year-round gardener! My husband and I have been married for over 35 years. We bought a home and and slowly gotten about 4 acres with it. At the time we were so young we just planted things without thinking...and not a lot of planning. Now with the economy..and the job market...and we are also on the crust of the sandwich is becoming an issue. Don't get me wrong we are basically all right compared to most people, but this could change at any time. We live in the Blue Ridge Mountain area of NC. I am looking for all types of information about 12 month gardening. Especially how to extend the growing season.

Name: Tina Daly
Date posted: September 29, 2011 - 04:50 am
Message: I really like this Calendar for each month. I am looking for something to help me organize my gardening duties and this does it. I was trying to sign up for the weekly reminders but I'm not sure how to do it. Plus, why when I go to weekly calendar it pops up in March? It is September now.

Name: J. Tanner
E-mail: Private
Date posted: August 24, 2011 - 02:52 am
Message: I live and work in Mugu district of Nepal.I wish to encourage locals to plant kitchen gardens so I need a month by month guide as to what to plane when.Main interest is vegtables ie potatoes cabbage cauliflower onions tomatoe etc. Thanks Jenny

Name: G.R.Saxena
E-mail: Private
Date posted: August 21, 2011 - 10:44 am
Message: Sir,I want to gain knowedge through you,in which month we can grow veg at Delhi weather area and also care & preventing measure.Pl advice me.

Name: abraham araya
E-mail: abraham_0098
Date posted: May 26, 2011 - 04:12 am
Message: I want general growing guides for vegetable and temperate fruits ,Thanks

Date posted: August 15, 2010 - 03:58 am
Message: Our plum tree fruits seem to have got a fungal infection on its branches. The fruits tend to get worms in it as soon as the fruit starts to ripen. I will be grateful for any suggesions.