Desert Apple

Greensleves produces healthy looking fresh green apples which ripen to more mellow shades in late October. Its parents are Golden Delicious and James Grieve, introduced to the market in 1966.

It's best eaten straight from the tree although the apples will keep well on the tree for a month or more. With particularly attractive blossom and very disease resistant leaves, this is an attractive tree in its own right.

 Picture of apple variety Greensleeves

Greensleeves has two points in its favour - the apples have the best taste of those on the acid side, and the tree itself is upright and compact forming a very attractive garden apple tree.

Against it, the apples don't store well at all and need to be eaten within a couple of weeks of picking. 

No real problems with diseases, and particularly easy to maintain. If you are a cider maker then Greeensleves is a good choice. Reasonably easy to buy online and in the garden centres. One online supplier is Ashridge Trees.

Taste Acidic
Skin Texture Medium
Flesh Crisp and white
Apple size Medium
Flower period Early
Pollination Group 3
Vigour Strong growing
Crop Yield Medium
Eating time October to November
Tree Shape Upright