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How to Care for Broad Beans?

Broad beans do need some support because of their height. The easiest method of support is to insert four canes at the corners of the growing area and run wire mesh along the four sides of the area. This will be more than enough to support the beans in windy weather. The other method is to insert canes every around the growing area and run two levels of string around the canes.

Broad beans will not withstand drought so if conditions become dry they will need watering. Weeding frequently will keep water loss to a minimum as will applying a mulch of well rotted compost.

When the plants reach about 1m (3ft) pinch out the tops of the stems. Broad beans are very prone to attack by aphids which feed on the growing tips. Removing these should lessen the severity of any infestation.

As the plants are growing pinch out any side shoots which appear near the base of the plant.

Broad beans are best harvested when young and tender. When the pods start to swell, sample one to see if it's ready for harvest. Simply twist and pull off the pods.

When the plants have finished cropping cut them off at ground level and put the plants on the compost heap. The roots are a good source of nitrogen so leave them in the soil to rot away.



Name: kate jones
Date posted: July 22, 2011 - 10:19 am
Message: can you keep the plants in the ground after removing old stalks and beans as there are healthy new shoots coming at the bottom of the plants and some of them are starting to flower.