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How to Harvest Spring Cabbage (continued page 3)

Harvesting Spring Cabbage and Greens
Spring Cabbages are one of the most versatile crops when it comes to harvesting. They can produce early spring greens, fully hearted spring cabbage and then spring greens again.

For early spring greens, harvest the green leaves in mid March before the cabbage has had a chance to form a heart.

For fully hearted spring cabbages, harvest from mid April to mid May when the heart is fully formed. Pull the cabbage out of the ground with the roots, leaving the ground ready for another crop. Peel off the loose and rough outer leaves leaving the tasty spring cabbage.

If you want more spring greens after harvesting the cabbages and do not need the ground for other crops then cut off the heart of the cabbage from the main stem and leaves the outer leaves on the stem. Cut the the top of the remaining stem in a cross shape with a sharp knife. In a few weeks you will see spring greens start to form which can be harvested later on.