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'Floridity' Tomato

Floridity was awarded an RHS AGM in 2004 which is always a good sign for all-round cultivation and taste. The tomatoes themselves are bright red, and they look like small plum tomatoes. They have a distinct oval rather than round shape.

Although "plum shape" Floridity has all the firmness an crunch of a ripe cherry tomato. The balance of sweetness and acidity is perfect!

Floridity is upright variety and produces long trusses of tomatoes. We reckon the average number per plant is about 150, an excellent crop by any standards. Make no mistake about the excellent texture and taste, Floridity won the number one position at the RHS tasting trials for cherry tomatoes.

They will grow well both in a greenhouse or outside. If growing outside they will need a protected full sun position. They are particularly good at resisting fruit split which occurs when tomatoes are watered irregularly.

A random supplier is Nicky's Nursery.