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'Snowberry' Tomato

We grew this tomato because in the RHS Tasting Trials 2007 it was rated the second tastiest cherry tomato variety. And yes, we can confirm that it was very sweet with just the correct amount of acidity to make this a truly refreshing tomato. The skin is a yellow orange colour and the flesh is very pale.

Each tomato measures about 2.5cm / 1in making them ideal for salads, kids or just a sweet treat.

You can buy Snowberry tomatoes online from Park Seed. Whilst the seeds are not in any of the garden centres which we have visited, it is becoming increasingly available online.

We had no disease problems with Snowberry and grew it in a container on our patio area. The crop produced was large and relatively trouble free. Ours had almost white flesh when cut open and looked great mixed with a deep red tomato in salads.