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Desiree Potato

Potato Desiree picture General Description: 
Desiree is a maincrop potato variety, with high and early yields. It has a high resistance to drought and good resistance to potato virus. 

Desiree has a firm cooked texture.

The Plant: 
The Desiree potato plant is of a medium height and  spread, with a number of pigmented stems.

The leaf is blue/green open and  pigmented.


Desiree tubers are oval, with medium to large red skin, a light yellow flesh, with medium eye depth.


The Desiree has red skin and light yellow flesh, with a  firm texture.
It has many pale purple flowers, almost white, on a long stalk with many berries.


This variety is excellent for Boiling, Wedges, Baking, Chipping, Roasting and Mashing.

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