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Maris Piper Potato

Maris Piper potato picture

General Description: 
The Maris Piper is a maincrop potato with high yields and many tubers per plant. Resistant to potato cyst damage and bruising. It is also suitable for storage. Moderately susceptible to slugs. It has good cooking and frying qualities 

The Maris Piper potato plant is tall, erect and with many stems. It has small light green light glossy closed leaves.


The tubers of the Maris Piper potato are short oval, medium to small with cream skin and cream flesh and a pleasant floury texture, with shallow eyes.  

The leaf is medium sized, narrow, with rough primary leaflets with a wavy margin, and has many medium sized cupped secondary leaves with many purple flowers with white tips on a long stalk and an abundance of berries.


This variety is excellent for Boiling, Wedges, Baking and chipping.

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