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Potato Day Shows
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HDRA Hampshire Group Potato Days
This is a typical well-organised 'Potato Day' show. The aim is to let visitors buy and sample as many potato set varieties as possible at good prices. It is also ideal if you want to buy large quantities of potato sets. There are cooking demonstrations and presentations on potato growing for those who like to see the practical side of potato growing.

This show was held on February 26th 2003, the fifth annual potato show so far. Judging from the number of people who attended, it is likely to be held for many years to come.

Potato Show picture

This type of event may not be on your doorstep, so treat is as an afternoon out. Browse the varieties of seed potatoes on show, attend a couple of the talks or cooking demonstrations and enjoy a cup of tea and and a home-made cake in the refreshment area. Nothing too technical, but a great way to while away two or three hours.

Here are some facts about this particular show which are typical of many shows around the country:

1. Well signposted from the major roads, free parking when you get there.

2. Refreshments - tea, coffee and cold drinks. Home made cakes and snacks at good prices.

3. A huge number of different varieties of seed potato for sale - I counted 115. This included a good selection of organic seed potatoes.

4. Four events during the day. Two cooking demonstrations which show the basics plus a few ideas that may not have occurred to you. Two talks with answer and question sessions. Presented in a very clear way, with lots of useful tips and facts.

5. The different types (early, maincrop etc.) are all colour-coded to allow you to select varieties which will last the entire season.

6. Plastic bags provided free of charge with labels on them so that you can write the variety name on each bag.

If you would like to know more about this particular show, phone the Secretary (Sue Wodd) on +44 (0)1962 852924 - don't forget to mention that you heard about it from GardenAction.

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