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A good choice for small to large gardens. This rootstock will produce an apple tree about 3.6 metres (12 foot) wide and 3m (10 foot) tall at maturity.

Apple trees on MM106 rootstock can easily be pruned to keep them to a height of around 2 to 2.5 metres (6 to 8 ft) high. They have the added benefit over M26 rootstock in that they will not require staking after a couple of years.

The roots are reasonably vigorous and an MM106 rootstock apple tree can easily support itself without the need for staking. It will produce about 23 kilo (50lb) fruit in a normal season. 

The tree will not grow too large, so that the average mobile person will find it easy to prune. It is normally too vigorous for cordons and espaliers, although on poor soil and with a less vigorous variety it may be a good combination.

GardenAction recommend the MM106 for the amateur gardener wanting a reasonable sized tree in small to large gardens.