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Barton GrangeChristmas Shopping, Gifts, Tees and More for 2010

Arriving at Barton Grange for Christmas Shopping
Barton Grange is a large and modern garden centre. It has been designed to cope with all those Christmas crowds and the large car park never gets full. We will visit them just before Christmas 2010.

Christmas Tree Decorations and Gifts

  An exceptionally large display of Christmas goodies is normally on offer at Barton Grange. We'll check them out as soon as their 2010 Christmas displays are in place and let you know if they come up to scratch.

Christmas Trees

  Up market Christmas trees will be for sale at Barton grange and our table below will give you an excellent idea of their prices.

Insert sample Christmas tree prices here as per the standard template document in the private folder.

Father Christmas For Kids

  Being on the large side, Barton Grange are able to fulfil all the legal requirements to enable them to host a Father Christmas at their garden centre. We'll let you their plans for 2010, opening times and costs.

Christmas Spirit and Feel

  In 2009 Barton Grange laid on an excellent display for Christmas with great Christmas spirit and feel. our visit in 2010 will see if they have caaried this over to the next year.

Christmas Prices

Prices are always a key aspect to Christmas shopping. We'll give you our opinion of how good the prices are at this garden centre.

One star shows prices give extremely bad value for money.

Five stars show prices give extremely good value for money.

Synthetic Christmas trees  

Christmas decorations / wrapping in general  

Item 1 from template page  

Item 2 from template page  

A visit to Father Christmas  


Return back here nearer Christmas 2010 for our updated review of Christmas at Barton Grange.



Name: Angela Lanham
Date posted: November 20, 2010 - 03:22 pm
Message: We wish to visit Barton Grange but you do not have a address and postcode please let me know where you are

Angela Lanham