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Dobbies Garden Centre, Dundee

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Dobbies Garden Centre, Dundee

Front entrance to Dobbies Garden Centre in Dundee
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Dobbies Garden Centre in Dundee was opened in 1999. It was extremely important for the company being the first of their modern design garden centres. It is the template for many other Dobbies Garden Centres.

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Outdoor plants under covered walkway The outdoor plants area is more attractive compared to many other large garden centres. Some attempt has been made to break the monotony of straight grid like paths. We have seen better but this one is reasonably good.

The paths are wide enough for disabled access and they are free from obstructions.

In comparison to most other Dobbies Garden Centres, the Dundee branch has a good percentage of its sales area devoted to outdoor plants.

There are a reasonable number of high level signs to find your way about easily and the shrubs were clearly arranged in alphabetic order.

Garden centre shrubs in alphabetic order

Plant information centre All the plants were in excellent condition and looked well cared for. The Dobbies five year hardy plant guarantee should give additional peace of mind when buying expensive plants.

There was an unmanned information centre in the outdoor area providing lots of useful information about specific plants.


The prices at Dobbies Dundee were slightly above average compared to other garden centres in Scotland. See our typical "shopping basket" below.

Rose bush (named variety) �6.99 upwards

Common shrub (e.g. hebe) �5.99

Clematis �6.99 upwards

Runner Bean seeds �3.30

Multipurpose Compost 60l �3.99

Miracle Gro 1kg �4.99

Stainless steel fork �21.99 (Dobbies)

Economy spade �13.99 (Dobbies)

Tomorite 1 litre �3.69

Blood Fish and Bone - 3.5kg �5.99

Medium cup of coffee in cafe �1.60



Name: ann boland
E-mail: Private
Date posted: May 14, 2011 - 10:11 am
Message: I have three dead items in my rear garden unfortunately and one is a pineapple tree (?) which i had paid delivery and gardener put in (along with many others). I know you are meant to return dead items but how would this be possible please until I have a replacement ready and arrange to pay the gardener again plus get it to you. Bit confused. l item i have already dug up ready, but 2 problematic and too large for my car+messy. On my own, carer of 2 disabled. Thanks.