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Dobbies Garden Centre, Milton Keynes 

Dobbies Garden Centre,
Milton Keynes

Entrance to Dobbies Garden Centre in Milton Keynes
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Dobbies have created another massive shopping area with all sorts of gifts, delis, aquatics cards and books for sale. Oh yes, about 35% of the sales area is devoted to plants!

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Dobbies 5 year hardy plant guarantee The outdoor plant area at Dobbies in Milton Keynes stocks a large range of plants. The paths are massively wide, allowing easy access to all areas. All the hardy plants are covered by their comprehensive 5 year guarantee.

Outdoor plant area at Dobbies Garden Centre in Milton Keynes

Alphabetically ordered plants for sale Conveniently they have ordered the plant groups in alphabetic order. Great if you are looking for an individual plant.

The plants were in good condition, tidy and well-watered. There were no specialist plant groups but they did have a particularly comprehensive range of fruit and ornamental trees.

Sheds at Dobbies, Milton Keynes On site was a franchise which offered garden design services. Their informative display of well-developed trees gave a good guide to their final appearance. The individual tree write-ups was also extremely useful.

Display of garden trees

As the picture above left shows, there was also another franchise on site which offered a comprehensive range of sheds, greenhouses and other garden buildings. This is definitely the garden centre to visit if you want a large shed or greenhouse.

Show gardens At the far end of the outdoor plants areas were several show gardens. Of particular interest were three gardens which displayed how gardens might have looked in Roman times.

Other garden displays included an artist's garden complete with it's own chicken (click left picture to enlarge it) which was more than happy to pose for this photograph!

The prices of everything except the spade and fork were about average for this area of the country. The spade and fork however (especially the cheapest spade) did appear to be high.

Rose bush (named variety) �6.99 upwards

Common shrub (e.g. hebe) �5.99

Clematis �6.99 upwards

Runner Bean seeds �2.79

Multipurpose Compost 60l �3.99 or 3 for �10

Miracle Gro 1kg �4.99

Stainless steel fork �25.99 (Dobbies)

Economy spade �19.99 (Dobbies)

Tomorite 1 litre �3.69

Blood Fish and Bone - 3.5kg �5.99

Medium cup of coffee in cafe �1.80