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Eden Project Amazing Facts

Eden Project Amazing Facts

The toilets at the Eden Project won the Best Loo in Britain award in 2003. They are still pretty good now.

95% of the staff are locals.

The average visit time is just under 4 hours.

30% of visitors have never been to Cornwall before.

A third covered biome is planned featuring the Dry Tropics.

The Eden Project is the third most popular charging tourist attraction in the UK with nearly two million visitors in the it's first year.

The domes are covered in ethyl tetra fluoro ethylene (ETFE for short) which is about 1% of the weight of glass.

46,000 poles provide the basic structure of the biomes. If laid end to end they would run from St Austell to London, around 230 miles.

Some of the James Bond movie, Die Another Day, were filmed in the grounds of the Eden Project.

The foundations contain 2,480 sqm of concrete.

The Eden Project won the "Project of the Decade" award in 2006.

The copper covering the Core roof beams is sourced from a single mine in Rio Tinto.

Planning permission for the Eden Project demands that at least 20% of visitors travel to the site other than in cars.

85,000 tonnes of soil was originally made for the Eden Project.

22 litres of water are collected every second which is about 20,000 baths every day.

The crater on which the site is built is 60m deep.