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Eden Project Humid Tropics Biome page 2

Eden Project Humid Tropics Biome
page 2

The Humid Tropics Biome at the Eden Project contains 5,500 plants and they are grouped first by area then later on by plant type.

Areas covered are Tropical Islands, West Africa and Tropical South America. Plant groups covered include Cola, Rubber, Palms, Coffee, Sugar, Mangoes, Bananas, Bamboo, Nuts, Pineapples, Spices Palms and several others.

This page gives you pictures and descriptions of some of those plants and features. All the pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.

A rondavel On the left is an African  "rondavel". African farms are often huge and these huts provide a place for a farmer to stay whilst looking after their cattle.

On the right is a plaque explaining details of a typical West African farm.

Plaque about a typical West African farm.

Ginger growing in the ground On the left is a picture of ginger growing. Common enough in Britain but how many people have actually seen how it grows?

On the right is view of the inside of the biome. The height of the tree growing shows just how high the ceiling is. Only 5% of the available light reaches plants at the base. Inside view of the Humid Tropics biome

Crimson flower Sometimes it's best just to look at beautiful plants. These two displays of colour were in taken in early May, proving that there is always something worth seeing at the Eden Project.

Red and yellow

Stairs leading down On the left is a view of the biome with the stairs leading down.

One the right is one of many exhibits which illustrate a particular area.