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Flowerland Garden Centre Bourne End

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The entrance to the Flowerland Garden Centre in Bourne End, Buckinghamshire.

This is a totally independent GardenAction opinion of the Flowerland Garden Centre in Bourne End.

Flowerland at Bourne End have undergone major redevelopment over the last two years. We decided to review them again.



Much of the outdoor plants area is under cover, more than is normally the case. So, rain need not concern you too much if you are visiting this garden centre.

The plants looked in excellent condition, well-watered and well kept. This was backed up by a two year hardy plant guarantee. Many of the plants are grown by Flowerland themselves, commendable.

Good plant information The range of plants for sale was extensive and you will find all the normal shrubs, climbers, bedding plants and more to satisfy your gardening needs. There was a good selection of ornamental trees on offer at the time of our visit.

Individual plant information was excellent although a lack of overhead signs to plant groups was missing. Possibly because of the re-fit in progress.
Larger plant specimens were well presented and attractively laid out.

Fully grown olive tree for sale in the UK The paths were wide and clear with mostly concrete surfaces. There was gravel in some places but it was solid.
We came across the fully grown olive tree (left) at �1,400 but at the same time there were standard olive trees (right) at a reasonable �29.99 for the less well off!

There were several bargains on offer at Flowerland. One particularly caught our eye (see left). For 99p you could buy a pot of very small sweet peas. Each pot contained roughly 12 small plants.

Sweet peas can stand a degree or two of frost in spring so these small plants could easily be kept outside in a protected position until they were large enough to transplant to individual pots.

Another bargain was the price of shrub rose bushes. The normal Flowerland price was �5.49 which is good. But when we visited in April, they were reduced to �2.99, a remarkably cheap price. These roses were not reduced because of damage, they were in fact in excellent condition.

The prices at Flowerland were very reasonable and given the range of "specials" on offer they represented good value for money as our shopping basket below illustrates.

Rose, 2 litre pot �5.49 (see above)

Common shrub (e.g. potentilla) �6.99

Clematis named variety �15.99 upwards

Runner Bean seed pack (4m) �1.99 Unwins

Stainless steel fork �14.99 John Bentley

Economy spade �12.99 Ambassador

Fish, Blood and Bone 2.5kg �4.99

Tomorite 1l �3.99

Phostrogen 1.25kg �3.99

Medium cup of coffee in cafe �1.40