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Frosts Garden Centre, Oxfordshire

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Frosts Garden Centre, Oxfordshire

Entrance to Frosts Garden Centre at Frilford
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Frosts Garden Centre is a large garden centre in Frilford, Oxfordshire. They have designed a very attractive outdoor plants area which attracts visitors from afar. Situated next to the attractions of a large farm, this is a great family day out.

This is a totally independent GardenAction opinion of Frosts Garden Centre at Frilford near Abbingdon.


Very attractive outdoor plants area The outdoor plants area at Frosts Garden Centre, is an attraction in itself. Carefully designed, it is a delight to wander round the meandering paths with nooks and crannies. Some of the area, housing mainly seasonal plants, is under cover.

This is a large outdoor area and they stock a huge selection of plants.

Frosts 5 year hardy plant guarantee sign. Frosts standard 5 year hardy plant guarantee is well advertised throughout. The plants are superb quality, well watered and in good condition. They are well displayed giving the appearance of a large garden.

Good selection of ornamental trees You'll find all the common plants at Frosts Garden Centre and also they specialise in several areas. Of particular interest was the large selection of ornamental trees, both large and small varieties. Also of note is the exceptional selection of grasses, conifers and roses. If you want to make a big statement in your garden they also have a good selection of extremely large potted plants and trees. Cost should be of no importance though if you are looking these!

The paths are reasonably wide and almost all are flat and navigable in a wheelchair. We saw several wheelchair users at this garden centre.

The outdoor plants area has its own information centre with reference books and bell to attract attention for more information. The staff were knowledgeable and very helpful.


The prices at Frosts Garden Centre were about average for Oxfordshire. The Miracle Gro was very keenly priced but the coffee (not very large) was pricey.

Rose, 3 litre pot �6.99 upwards

Common shrub (e.g. hebe) �5.99

Clematis named variety �9.99 upwards

Economy spade �12.99

Stainless steel fork �19.99

Runner Bean seeds �2.45

Multi-purpose compost 60l �4.99 or 3 for �12

Fish, blood and bone 3.5kg �5.99

Tomorite 1 litre �3.99

Miracle Gro 1 kg �3.49

Large cup of coffee �1.70

NOTE: Price comparisons are based on the prices we find at the time of our visit. We compare to them average prices in the same year as the date of the review.