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Henleaze Garden Shop, near Bristol

Henleaze Garden Shop, near

Front of the Henleaze Garden Shop
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Henleaze Garden Shop has been in the same family for 60+ years. John Stenner  started it in 1946, his son Robert now runs the shop.
Of all the "garden centres" we have reviewed, this was the most interesting. Read on for more.

This is a totally independent GardenAction opinion of the Henleaze Garden Shop near Bristol.

One of the locals, Andy Harrison, has written a brief and interesting history of Henleaze Garden Shop. Click here to read it.


The format of this review will be different from all our other reviews because the Henleaze Garden Shop is quite different from all the other garden centres we have reviewed!

The shop is now two shops knocked into one. Inside the "shops" is the indoor sales area, and the garden area of the shops is the outdoor plant area.

At first sight, chaos seems to reign. The plants are displayed in every nook and cranny of the outdoor area. The indoor area is not quite so chaotic but it is definitely jam-packed full. The local shoppers are adding to chaos, have no doubt that the Henleaze garden Shop is extremely popular amongst the locals. They describe it as as institution.
Examine the chaos a little closer though and things become a bit clearer. The staff know where everything is and so do most of the locals.

Those that don't know where everything is are even luckier because this is a great garden centre to wander round. Healthy looking plants everywhere you look, some common ones and some definitely not so common. The mix is commendable and many of the larger garden centres could learn a lesson from the Henleaze Garden Shop

With any garden centre or shop, prices are important. We fully expected the prices to be significantly higher compared to your normal out of town garden centre. But this high street garden centre matches the big boys. The bottom line appears to be that the indoor goods (hardware, fertilisers etc) are a tad more expensive, whilst the plants are a tad cheaper. That's quite an achievement for a garden centre on the high street.

So what do they sell? Well that's the curiosity. It's a shop on the high street, a large one admittedly, but they sell a range of almost everything the standard gardener would need. And right on their doorstep, lucky people!

The Henleaze Garden Shop is hardly likely to attract visitors from around the country, nor does it want to do that. But it serves the local gardening community in a way that no out of town garden centre can. The business model of this shop is one that should be investigated by any entrepreneurial gardener who wants to contribute to the local community.

We have no hesitation in recommending this "garden centre" and applaud the service it provides to the local community.

The address is:
Henleaze Garden Shop
146 - 148 Henleaze Road
Bristol BS9 4NB

A map can be found here

Tel: 0117 9620418

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