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Kenpas Nurseries, Coventry

Entrance to Kenpas Nurseries
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Kenpas Nurseries is the smallest we have reviewed to date. It is also only open from the beginning of May to early July. Read on to find out how good it is.

This is a totally independent GardenAction opinion of the Kenpas Nurseriesin Coventry.

They are on the southern side of the Kenpas Highway at the junction with the A429. You go up a longish driveway and the nurseries are a patch of land behind number 4, Kenpas Highway. Small it may be but Mr Wilson has been raising and selling plants there, with his wife, for an astonishing 51 years!

Potting shed Even on such a small nursery, there are a couple of poly tunnels where the cuttings are taken and plants are potted on.

Totally unique to all the garden centres reviewed to date, 100% of the plants at Kenpas Nurseries are grown 100% on site. Absolutely no imported plants.

The owners aren't pretending that this small plot is a garden centre but for bedding plants, a few choice shrubs and some vegetables, this is worth a wander round if you are local.

Two big plusses for this tiny nursery, first are the prices. They even beat B&Q on prices. The second is quality, the plants are excellent.

View of the nursery

Hanging baskets So what's on offer at this smallest of garden centre?

Healthy bedding plants, attractive cottage style hanging baskets (click picture on the left to see more clearly), a few attractive shrubs and some vegetables. It all depends on what is being grown that year but one thing you can be sure of, is quality plants with no carbon footprint.

Kenpas is a nursery not a garden centre and it's a tiny nursery at that. But all the plants are grown on site, they are quality plants, they have been grown with love and they are cheap! If you are local to this nursery, it's worth giving it a try.

Rear of number 4 Kenpass Highway, Coventry CV3 6BN, click here for map.