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Kings Hill Nurseries, Finham, Coventry

Kings Hill Nurseries, Finham, Coventry

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Kings Hill Nurseries are a traditional nursery where all the plants are grown on site. You can see the staff and helpers taking cuttings and potting on plants. We were surprised at the large selection of plants.

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With rain being so common in the Coventry area, it's nice to see a traditional nursery which has the vast majority of its plants under cover. Rain or shine you will remain dry always if you visit Kings Hill Nurseries! That's the first big plus.

The second is the surprisingly large range of plants on offer. The third is the high quality of the plants.

Bedding plants at Kings Hill

As the picture above shows, there is full range of bedding plants to choose from. But in addition, Kings Hill has a good selection of hanging baskets of different types. They will also plant up your own baskets for a very reasonable cost.

When you visit, don't restrict yourself to the main covered area, large though it is. Go outside and you will see a further set of smaller covered areas selling a large selection of plants. These include some very healthy and reasonably priced shrubs and herbaceous plants.

The range was extensive, we were impressed.

In season, Kings Hill sell a wide selection of potted vegetable plants.

Because this a working nursery it's a very pleasant place to wander round and buy a few plants. The atmosphere is relaxed and the staff are ultra-helpful.

If you are interested in how the plants are grown, take a wander round some of the greenhouses where the plants are being grown prior to sale. How many of the big garden centres let you do that! How many of the big garden centres grow their own plants on site? Very, very few, I can promise you that. This is what makes visiting a working nurseries such as Kings Hill a great pleasure.

The address is:
Kings Hill Nurseries
Kings Hill Lane
Coventry CV3 6PS

A map can be found here.

Tel: 02476 690 835
Website: Kings Hill Nurseries

Home grown plants, excellent quality, good prices and friendly staff make this a nursery we highly recommend. And don't forget, it's mostly under cover!

Kings Hill Nurseries is part of the Newpath Group of Social Businesses, a company that was set up to provide training facilities and employment opportunities to people with learning disabilities.

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