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Longacres Christmas Shopping, Gifts, Tees and More for 2010

Arriving at Longacres for Christmas Shopping
Longacres Garden centre are well used to crowds of shoppers descending on them and in 2009 their car park was large enough to cope with all those Christmas shoppers. we will visit and check on them again in 2010 but we don't expect there to be any problems even at the the peak Christmas time.

Christmas Tree Decorations and Gifts

  Longacres provided an excellent range of Christmas trees in 2009. As soon as their 2010 prices and range is on sale we'll visit them and let you know what's on offer.

Father Christmas For Kids

  We will report on the availability of a visit to Father Christmas at Longacres in 2010. Prices, visiting times and a review of the experienceas far as kids are concerned.

Christmas Spirit and Feel

  Some garden centres go out of their way tomake shopping for Christmas gifts and tree decorations a pleasure, others seem to ignore Christmas altogether. Most go some way in between the two. We'll let you know how Longacres do in 2010.

Christmas Prices

Our pre-Christmas trip to Longacres won't forget to check out some of the prices they are charging for Christmas gifts. We select a typical shopping basket and compare prices against other garden centres.

Our Christmas price guide below uses a star system, the more stars the better the value.

One star shows prices give extremely bad value for money.

Five stars show prices give extremely good value for money.

Synthetic Christmas trees  

Christmas decorations / wrapping  

A visit to Father Christmas