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Cafe at Manor Garden Centre, Swindon

Cafe at Manor Garden Centre, Swindon


There was a very small range of indoor plants for sale. We asked the manager why there were so few and the response was that there was little demand for them at this garden centre.

The plants on show were attractively arranged and fairly priced.


The indoor sales area had everything you would expect from a medium to large garden centre. There were gifts, cards, a good range of outdoor furniture and barbecues. All your normal garden accessories were stocked. Similar to the outside plant area, the indoor area was attractively arranged, modern but still retaining the feel of a garden centre.

Manor Garden Centre provided a wide range of bird feed and accessories (click picture on the left) at competitive prices.

But it has no pet centre, aquatics centre or garden buildings / greenhouse section. This is not a problem though, because on the same industrial estate, just seconds walk away are shops that specialise in those areas.

In many of the larger centres they have franchises which specialise in aquatics, greenhouses etc. But on the Cheney Industrial estate these companies operate independently.

Because the estate is so compact, they are literally a few seconds walk away. This makes for an ideal situation. At the heart of the estate is Manor Garden Centre. Other shops include Maidenhead Aquatics which sells an extensive range of fish and all related fish accessories.

We visited them and, as always, the fish are displayed very well and they all look healthy. Maidenhead Aquatics in Swindon

Cheney Industrial Estate sign Paradise Pets is also on the estate and they stock a wide range of pets and pet related items. For paving, decking, bricks, stones etc. you have AWBS (Swindon Patio Centre) to satisfy your needs. Hinders also have an excellent fishing shop.

Hinders fishing shop.Click to enlarge

Last, but definitely not least, you also have TWIGS on the Cheney Industrial Estate. The aim is to help people improve their mental well-being, primarily through gardening. We wandered round their gardens (open to the public on Wednesdays and Fridays) and they are an inspiration. We thoroughly recommend that when you visit Manor Garden Centre you also take a walk round the TWIGS gardens.

On the site is also a set of beehives with honey bees.  Honey is collected from the hives (run by the Swindon Beekeepers) and sold at TWIGS Open Day (on 27th April in 2008). Finally at the far end of TWIGS garden is a conservation area which is very interesting. It is run by an organisation called Flowers and Butterflies (FaB for short).

We visited in March so our pictures (click here for our photo gallery) do not do justice to the gardens. Click here for the official TWIGS website to get a better idea of what is on offer.

Apologies to Manor garden centre for going on so much about what else there is on the Industrial Estate! But we believe that these other facilities enhance the attraction of the garden centre. Combine just Manor Garden Centre and TWIGS and you have a very good afternoon out.

We received an email in January 2010 from one our readers stating that the cafe was dirty and generally in a mess. So we revisited the cafe and found that indeed it was a mess but the reason, according to the clearly displayed sign, was that it was undergoing a re-design. The expected reopening date is mid mid-February 2010. We will revisit the cafe soon after to review it again.

This shows the importance of a website, which Manor Garden centre do not have. Without a website they have no means of warning prospective visitors that the cafe is temporarily closed.

Tubbys restaurant and cafe at Manor garden centre. Tubby's cafe and restaurant at Manor Garden Centre is a great place to have a coffee / tea and biscuits, or even better a main meal.

The cafe decor is very welcoming with attractive pine tables and chairs. As well as an indoor seating area there is a good-sized outdoor area for warm weather days.

The prices were very competitive with a choice of nine main meals at around �5.95. Included was a massive full English breakfast for �5.95 or a smaller version for �3.95, excellent value. The quality of the food we had was excellent. It was well prepared and well presented. All main meals are served to your table.
The cakes and snacks were equally good with fine tasting coffee and tea.
Inside Tubbys reataurant

The garden centre has been designed with wheelchair access in mind. The aisles inside and out were wide and flat. Wheelchairs were available for free at the entrance.

The toilets were spotlessly clean with disabled and baby changing facilities available.

The car park was fine with a flat surface and more than sufficient car parking spaces.

The address is:
Manor Garden Centre,
Cheney industrial Estate,
Wiltshire SN2 2QJ

A map can be found HERE

Tel: 01793 538400
Email: Not known
Website: Not available

An excellent range of healthy and interesting plants and a cafe serving delicious food mark out the Manor Garden Centre in Swindon as a place to visit. Both the indoor and outdoor areas are attractively laid out and the staff are approachable and friendly. Combine this with the other nearby facilities and we have no hesitation in recommending Manor Garden Centre very highly.

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