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Staunton Garden Centre

Staunton Garden Centre

Entrance to Staunton Garden Centre
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Staunton is a medium sized garden centre which has been privately owned from 1988. The owners are Brian and Lynn Lewis.

This is a totally independent GardenAction opinion of the Staunton Garden Centre in Gloucestershire.


The plant area is an appropriate size for a medium garden centre. Some plants are particularly well covered.

There is a large range of roses and a particularly large stock of both fruit and ornamental trees.

There is also a good range of small conifers. The outside plant area is well laid out with flat surfaces and wide aisles throughout.

There are no overhead signs to assist in finding plants but the area is small enough for this not to be a problem. Individual plant signs were excellent with ample information supplied.

Unusually for a garden centre of this size there was a separate covered area containing a good display of exotic and architectural plants. They were all in excellent condition and would grace any garden, large or small.


The indoor sales area was on the small side and there were one or two missing common garden requirements at the time of our visit.

Most noticeable was the lack of a standard garden fork or spade. The only ones we could locate were the much more expensive stainless steel varieties.

The garden centre's website certainly gave us the impression that there was a reasonably extensive selection of English wines. A corner of the indoor area did stock English wines but it was a moderate selection.


The cafe / restaurant was pleasantly arranged and furnished. For sunnier days there was additional seating (see right) in a clear covered area. The service was pleasant and prompt with main meals served to your table.

Click both pictures for a clearer view. The food we sampled was good quality with special praise for the Cottage Pie. But the prices were well above the average for food of this type. The cafe does not represent value for money in our opinion.

We had a problem with the portion size of the ham, egg and chips. The menu price is �8.75 (not �8.25 as shown on the website) and for this we received a massive portion of chips but only one slice of ham. Admittedly good quality ham, but not sufficient for many appetites, especially at the price charged.

We would sum up the cafe as serving good food in pleasant surroundings but the prices charged do not give value for money.

The prices of the plants were average for a garden centre. The prices of the gardening goods was also average.

The address is:
Staunton Garden Centre
Staunton Cross,
Ledbury Road,
Gloucestershire GL19 3QA
A map can be found here

Tel: 01452 840 612

A pleasant medium-sized garden centre with some interesting plants. Their website is rather optimistic when it says ".... Spend a day browsing around our centre in the heart.....". An hour's browsing would be more appropriate.

The cafe is good but falls down on charging prices which are too high.

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