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World's End Garden Centre, Aylesbury
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Christmas at Worlds End, Aylesbury
For many years, Worlds End garden centre has put on an excellent display Christmas.

We visited them in December 2007 to see if they were keeping up the good work. Read on for more details of trees, decorations, gifts and the all important Father Christmas.

Christmas Trees

Christmas tree

There was a large display of real Christmas trees on display of all sizes. They were in excellent condition and the prices were competitive.

As you would expect, they had a machine to package the trees which helps a lot when transporting the tree back home.

Christmas Tree Decorations

Christmas tree decorations The display of Christmas tree decorations was extremely large. The sales areas were well-laid out with little areas set aside for particular decorations.

The range of Christmas gifts was also extensive.

Father Christmas For Kids

Santas grotto Santa's Grotto was excellent. The entrance looked good and the interior was decorated to appeal to the kids. One comment, not a criticism, was that it rather dark inside.

Santa was helpful and convincing. The �5 entrance included a reasonable toy. A great visit to Santa for the kids.

Christmas Spirit and Feel

Full marks go to Worlds End garden centre for evoking a great Christmas spirit in the way the store was decorated.

Christmas Prices

Menu at Worlds End Prices at Worlds End for Christmas goods were average to good.
The cafe hadn't improved on our previous visit (the queues were still there and the food quality was mediocre), but the prices were still on the low side.

The tea and coffee were fine, but we recommend you stroll over the road to the pub if you want anything more substantial (see end of this article for details).

Our Christmas price guide below uses a star system, the more stars the better the value.

One star shows prices give extremely bad value for money.

Five stars show prices give extremely good value for money.

Synthetic Christmas trees Star rating

Christmas decorations / wrapping

A visit to Father Christmas

Overall Star rating

Excellent during the Christmas period for the kids and Christmas shopping overall.