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Withybrook Nurseries, Coventry

Withybrook Nurseries, Coventry

Entrance to Wythybrook Nurseries
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Withybrook is a very small nursery in Coventry and does not pretend to be competition for the big boys. It does however specialise in conifers.

This is a totally independent GardenAction opinion of the Withybrook Nurseries in Coventry.

Withybrook Nurseries has been run by the same family for the last 30 years. It's sad to report that it is not a nursery we would recommend. This appears to be case because the owners are finding it harder to cope with the workload as time marches on. I was chatting with the owner recently and his reply to my question about when be bought the nursery sums it up. He said "We bought the nursery when it was fading away 30 years ago, a bit like it is now".

Conifers Withybrook specialise in conifers of all types and they have a stock which would put the big garden centres to shame.

The problem is that a good proportion of the stock is in poor condition and a cursory glance confirms this.

The prices of the plants are cheap, very cheap indeed. Searching round we found a few conifers  that were in good condition. Click on the picture to the right to see one example.

Specimin plant

Hostas The nursery also sells bedding plants which were of reasonable quality, again cheaper than elsewhere.

Amongst other bargains were some very healthy looking hostas. These were priced a very reasonable �2.50 to �3.50.

Withybrook Nurseries is very small and the quality of many of the plants is below standard. If you like bargain hunting above all else then give them a visit. But remember to to ring the bell at the cash counter to get some attention!

Overstone Road, Withybrook, Coventry CV7 9LU, click here for map.