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How To Build a Simple Bird Table

It's easy to make a bird table. Take a good stout fence post, hammer it well into the ground (make sure it's tall enough so cats can't jump up). Then nail or screw a strong, square board to the top of the post.

In the picture I've fixed some lengths of roofing lath around the edges of the table top. These should stop the birds' food from blowing off the bird table and into the wind. Leave gaps at the corners so it's easier to brush clean, and so rainwater can drain away.

If you treat all the timber with an environmentally friendly wood preservative you'll give the table extra years of life.

If you have a problem with cats who decide to climb the bird table when they can't jump onto the table, nail some chicken wire around the edges of the table to discourage them.


Keep the table away from bushes and other places where cats can lurk. Make sure there is a tree nearby so birds can see if it's safe to come to feed. Most importantly put the table in a good position so you can watch the birds from your window. If you haven't got a suitable position for a table, hang strings of peanuts, coconut halves or feeders from a tree. A slightly more elaborate table is shown below. It looks better, but does the same job.