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Propagating Fuchsias by Pictures

Fuchsia Propagation (continued)
This page continues the six part process to propagate your fuchsia from cuttings.


The cut to separate the cutting from the main plant should be made above a leaf node (the point at which two or more leaves sprout from the stem) - see above picture. Three sets of leaves should be above the cut, as illustrated in the photo on the right.

During the process of taking the cutting, be careful not to damage the stem - wherever possible, handle the cutting by the leaves. propagating fuchsia picture

Name: Ruth Pechin
E-mail: pechinrj@wildblue
Date posted: October 13, 2010 - 06:57 pm
Message: Hi i live in the mountains of North Eastern Washington State, our growing season is very short I wondered if I could start in the fall and grow them inside over the winter
Thanks for your help