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Over-winter Dahlia Tubers (page 4)



Over-winter Dahlia Tubers
(page 4)

Label Each Dahlia Tuber

Each dahlia tuber should now be identified even if they are all the same variety - believe me you will have forgotten the name by next spring!

Common methods are marking the tuber with an indelible pen, or placing all tubers of the same variety in plastic bag which is tagged with their name.

A labelled dahlia tuber

Store The Dahlia Tubers

There are many ways of storing your tubers over winter, you decide which is best for you. The key factors are:

  • Temperature - keep the tubers in a frost free environment. A temperature range of 35 - 45 Fahrenheit will suit them fine. In practice, the garage will normally provide the correct environment.

  • Dark - keep the tubers covered away from light. Again, the garage should be suitable.

  • Moisture - the tubers must be kept dry, but not allowed to dry out completely. Surrounding them in peat, vermiculite or sawdust is a good way of achieving this.

Four or five tubers are placed in a plastic bag (pierced with small holes) with some sawdust to absorb moisture.  The bags are then placed in a plastic container which will be covered to provide darkness. To provide a more even temperature, the container is loosely filled with crumpled paper.

During the winter, examine the tubers each month, and throw away any which show signs of rotting. If the tubers appear to be drying out, open the bags and sprinkle with a small amount of water.

See April Mini-Projects for details of how to bring the tubers out of winter storage and grow new dahlias.



Name: peter mortimer
Date posted: October 09, 2011 - 07:20 am
Message: have purchased some raspberry canes,had some lovely fruit over the year,but they started to shoot new canes from the base,do i cut off old wood or the new.your advice would be appreciated

Name: Beth Gray
E-mail: Private
Date posted: November 18, 2010 - 03:13 pm
Message: I live in central Maine I do as you stated the keep th tubers in a cool dark corner of the cellar. It's not a finished basement and provides a perfect place to sleep for the winter.