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Blooming Flower Bulbs Indoors

Blooming Flower Bulbs Indoors

When To Start
The majority of indoor flowering bulbs take 12 weeks from planting to flowering. Decide if you want all the bulbs to flower at the same time or in succession and plant them using the 12 week rule.  

What To Plant

picture of tulip variety Alladin
Tulip 'Alladin'
Selecting bulbs is easy -  choose the largest, firm and healthy examples. In the case of bulbs, size does matter, the larger the better (also more expensive). Avoid examples which look unhealthy or are damaged.

The most widely available indoor bulbs are Hyacinth, daffodils (narcissi), crocuses and tulips. Ensure the bulbs you purchase are specifically for indoor cultivation.  Others which are suitable include snowdrops, iris, scillas, muscari and chionodoxas.