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Seed Selection

Buying Plant Seed - Plan Ahead
When buying seeds it is easy to get carried away by thoughts of flower beds filled with row upon row of glorious colour. Do not forget that the plants need to be raised in frost free and light conditions until as late as May when the weather warms up sufficiently to plant them in the garden. Consider carefully how much space will be available, particularly in April when the tiny seedlings will have increased in size considerably.

Seed - Where To Buy
The easiest method of buying seeds is to visit your local garden centre or do-it-yourself store. The disadvantage of this method is lack of choice.

Seed From Catalogues
An alternate method is to choose your seeds from the seed catalogues and order by post. This takes longer, but the choice of varieties is far greater. In some cases, the seeds can ordered over the internet which gives the best of both worlds. Three of the major seed retailer's e-mail addresses are shown below - visit their sites to decide which seeds are best for you.

When To Start Seeds By Plant
The internet sites above will give details on all seed types. To summarise for the novice, see the three principal seed sowing times with recommended easy-to grow seeds.


Sowing Time Plant seed

Jan / Feb Antirrhinum


Feb / March Tagetes

Busy Lizzy


March / April Marigold (french)


Click here for a comprehensive list of sowing times for most bedding plant seeds