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Autumn Clear Up

Clear up the garden regularly, especially collecting leaves from the lawn and flower beds. If you have a large amount of leaves, put them in a black plastic bin bag, sprinkle with water and tie the top of the bag.


By next year, the leaves will have composted sufficiently to be added to the compost heap. Some gardeners wait up to two years for the leaves to turn to leaf mould, but this is a rather long term practice. Do not use the leaves of conifers, evergreens or roses.  

Prune any quick growing tall shrubs such as Buddleias and Butterfly bushes (lavatera). Cut off about a third of the growth to avoid damage by the winter winds. The remainder of the pruning is best left to spring.

Give any trees in the garden a quick examination to ensure that all branches look sound. Any split or diseased ones should be removed.