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Monthly Guide To Bulbs

In flowering sequence:



Bulb Name Plant Flower

Cyclamen coum Sept / Oct Jan

Snowdrop Sept / Oct Jan

Iris unguicularis Sept / Oct Jan

Anemone blanda Sept / Oct Feb

Eranthis Sept / Oct Feb

Iris danfordiae Sept / Oct Feb

Iris reticulata Sept / Oct Feb

Cyclamen neapolitanum Sept / Oct Feb


Crocus Sept / Oct Mar

Daffodil Sept / Oct Mar

Freesia Sept / Oct Mar

Tulipa kaufmanniana Nov Mar

Tulipa fosteriana Nov Mar

Chionodoxa (glory of the snow) Sept / Oct Mar

Erythronium Sept / Oct Apr

Fritillaria Sept / Oct Apr

Hyacinth Sept / Oct Apr

Leucojum (snowflake) Sept / Oct Apr

Muscari (grape hyacinth) Sept / Oct Apr

Early tulips Nov Apr

Scilla nutans Sept / Oct Apr


Oxalis adenophylla Sept May

Sisyrinchium Sept / Oct May

Tulips (not early) Nov May

Zantedeschia Mar May

Scilla peruviana Sept / Oct May

Allium Sept / Oct June

Crocosmia April June / July

Eremurus (foxtail lily) Sept / Oct May / June

Dutch Iris (xiphium) Sept / Oct June

Hymenocallis March June

Lily March / April June

Ranunculus (buttercup) March / April June

Agapanthus April July

Begonia (tuberous) March / April July

Canna May July / August

Eucomis Match / April July

Galtonia Match / April July

Gladiolus Match / April July

Tigridia Match / April July