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We have reviewed the market in a range of UK patio heaters and are able to recommend the following models. All can be purchased online by clicking the appropriate link below..

Why bother making the rounds of the garden centres and super store, wasting petrol and time, when you can buy online from the comfort of your home and have your patio heater delivered to your door?

 Quartz Patio Heater

Forget all the trouble associated with gas patio heaters, gas bottles and connectors, why not try this electric heater which simply plugs in and provides all the heat you want indoors and outdoors.

It produces zero fumes so it can be used safely indoors, in tents and in your conservatory. This really is the lazy man's way to generate some extra heat the simple way.

And it is cheap to run as well. Even at the highest setting of 2KW it will only cost 14p per hour. At the lowest setting of 650W it costs an amazingly low 4.5p per hour.

The unit comes with 5m of cable and adjustable height and heat angles. Dimensions are a base diameter of 52cm and a height of 210cm.

All this at a low price of only �79.00. Fully guaranteed.
Click here to buy online.

A table top patio heater concentrates it's heat just where you want it, around the table. Combine this with revolutionary surface combustion technology and you have a compact patio heater that emits large amounts of heat at low cost. This heater will give you approximately 100 hours of heat for each gas bottle.

Just clamp this patio heater to the umbrella / parasol hole (30 to 60mm in diameter) in the centre of your table and you have a slimline heater. This model is attractive as well being all aluminium with an anodised finish.

This patio heater emits a maximum of 2.5KW, stands 113cm high and has a heat deflector head of 40 cm diameter.

At only �119 this is a stylish bargain. Fully guaranteed.
Click here to buy online.