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Hellebores - Care and Diseases (continued)

Care For Your Hellebore
Hellebores do well in most soils, they will even do well in acid soil. However, their preference is for a neutral to slightly limey soil - a pH of about 7 would be ideal.

Most prefer semi-shade, especially where they are grown on sandy soil. They hate being water-logged. These two preferences make them ideal for growing under the shade of a tree or large shrub.

Hellebores are very easy to take care of and are relatively free from disease. A mulch with organic matter in autumn (preferably from your compost heap) around the plant, but not touching it, will feed them throughout the year. If no organic matter is available, two or three handfuls of bonemeal or similar, can be lightly worked into the surrounding soil.

Also in autumn and though to early winter, remove any old or diseased foliage. this will help prevent black spot from appearing in the spring. Finally, it pays to remove old flowers (cut off the flower stem as far back as possible) to conserve strength. Don't do this however if you want to collect seed later in the year.