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Rose Picture Gallery

Rose Picture Gallery


Selecting a rose for your garden is very much a matter of personal choice. Below are some of the roses (each with at least one rose picture) that GardenAction recommend you consider. The pictures have not been stage-managed in any way. With our pictures, what you see is very much what you can expect from a good rose specimen.

With so many rose pictures we have arranged them by rose type with a short description of the main characteristics of each type. Simply click the type name in blue below to go to thumbnails and select a rose you want to see.

If you know the name of the rose you want, simply enter it into the Search Box on the top left hand side of this page.

SHRUB ROSE PICTURES - the category of shrub rose includes all those other roses which do not fit into another category. They are more sprawling than Hybrid Tea roses and bear their flowers closer to the foliage. They include the Hybrid Musks, English roses and Rugosa roses.

CLIMBING ROSE PICTURES - as the name implies, these roses need the support of  a trellis, wall or other vertical structure. The height varies from 2m (6ft) to 6m (20ft). Think carefully how you will manage to prune some of the larger climbing roses.

FLORIBUNDA ROSE PICTURES - These roses are suitable for the back of a border, generally being around 1m (3ft) to 1.5 (5ft) in height and spread. They distinguish themselves because the flowers are produced in succession, providing continuous colour rather than flushes of colour.

GROUND COVER ROSE PICTURES - Ground hugging and vigorous, these roses require minimal work other than pruning to shape and feeding. Don't always assume that they will be low growing. Although ground hugging, some varieties grown up to 1m (3ft).

HYBRID TEA ROSE PICTURES - The aristocrats of the rose family. They bear a single flower to a stem. The flowers are almost always double and come in two main flushes with few roses in between.

RAMBLING ROSE PICTURES - Rambling roses also need support but they prefer curved structures such as arches rather than vertical structures. Generally they flower only once a year. Almost all are lightly scented with mid-green leaves.

MINIATURE AND PATIO ROSE PICTURES - These roses are suitable for the front of a border amongst or replacing bedding plants. They are equally at home in a pot or tub.

You can also view roses by colour or in alphabetical sequence by clicking one of the buttons below.

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