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Climbing Rose rosa Alchymist pictures and description


Climbing Rose "Rosa Alchymist"

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Flower picture of climbing rose Alchymist

Rosa Alchymist has flowers which start off as soft orange and then age to include more pink as shown above.

The key characteristics of "Alchymist" are shown below:


Colour Soft orange to pink

Type Double

Scent Strong

Frequency Single flowering

When June for four weeks.



Rose type Climbing rose

Leaves Glossy Dark Green

Height 5m (16ft)

Spread 2m (6ft)



Hardiness UK / Australia Fully hardy

USDA Zones Rosa Alchymist is hardy to zone 5a, -28.8� C (-20� F)

Awards Alchymist has been awarded the following:

Parentage eglanteria x "Golden Glow"

Also known as Alchimist

Available in UK from Peter Beales

Available in USA from The Antique Rose Emporium

Available in Australia from The Hedgerow Nursery

COMMENTS   The rose Alchymist is a cluster-flowered Climbing rose which has stood the test of time.

It only flowers once a year but such beautiful flowers and such a beautiful scent. Bred by Kordes and introduced in 1956, Alchymist is liable to blackspot.  

Picture of Alchymist rose bush

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