How To Prune Roses 

Pruning Rose Stems
Use sharp secateurs for a clean cut. The conventional method is to make the cut just above an outward facing bud, with the cut sloping downwards and away from the bud.

However, in trials where a hedge trimmer was used to prune roses to the correct height, these bushes performed just as well as those pruned in the conventional (and more time-consuming) manner.

Hard Prune

Cut back stems to 10 to 15cm (4 to 6in) long. This should leave 2 to 3 buds on  each stem. It should only be used on newly planted Hybrid Tea and Floribunda roses.

The objective is to stimulate strong new shoots from near the base of the plant.


Medium Prune

Cut back stems to about half their length, removing any weak or diseased stems entirely. Medium pruning is used for all established roses.


Light Prune

Remove about one third of the length of all stems. This method should only be used to keep vigorous varieties such as 'Peace' within bounds. 




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