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The Mirbeck's Oak


Picture of Mirbeck's Oak Tree (quercus canariensis)
Mirbeck's Oak, click to enlarge

Mirbeck's Oak Tree is a medium to large oak tree with semi-evergreen leaves which remain on the tree into the new year.

Mirbeck's Oak (quercus canariensis)
Sometimes known as the Algerian Oak because it is native to several areas of North Africa. It is also found growing wild in Spain and Portugal, but not as its name might suggest, in the Canary Islands

Leaf from quercus canariensis known as Mirbeck's Oak

The leaves are semi-glossy green with rounded lobes. They are 12cm (5 in) long by 7cm (3 in) wide at the widest point. The underside of the leaves often have a white dusty mark where the leaf joins the stem. The bark is typical of oaks though darker in colour. Bark and trunk of quercus canariensis (Mirbeck's Oak)

The male flowers are catkins, the female flowers being small and inconspicuous. The fruits are acorns which reach maturity in October time. They are about 3cm (1 in) long and become ripe in the same year they are formed.
In keeping with its country of origin, quercus canariensis thrives in warm temperatures. Soil should be a deep and moisture retentive. The tree will eventually reach a height of 35m (120 ft). These are long lived trees, reaching up to 250 year old.