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Northen Pin Oak (quercus ellipsoidalis)


Northen Pin Oak (quercus ellipsoidalis)
Nuttall Oak, click to enlarge

The Northern Pin Oak is native to the northern United States and southern Canada. It is unlikely to be found in Europe apart from specimen trees in arboretum.

Northern Pin Oak (quercus ellipsoidalis)
One of the smaller of the oak trees, it reaches a maximum height of 20m (65ft) at maturity. The Latin name quercus ellipsoidalis comes from the shape of the acorns which are thinner compared to standard acorns. This tree is often planted as an ornamental because of its autumn leaf colour and its ability to grow well in barren sandy soil.

Do not confuse this tree with the Pin Oak which is a different species of oak tree.

Leaf of Northen Pin Oak (quercus ellipsoidalis)

The leaves are a semi-glossy dark green which turn bright red in autumn /fall. There are two to five deep lobes with pointed ends to them. The leaves are 6 to 13cm (2� -5in) long and narrower. Each leaf is held on a long stem.

Leaf and stems of Northern Pin Oak (quercus ellipsoidalis)


The bark is generally less lined compared to other oaks and the lower part of the stem often shows sign of low branches which have died and fallen off (see left). The wood is infrequently used.