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Nuttall Oak (quercus nuttallii)


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Nuttall Oak, click to enlarge
The Nuttall Oak is native to North America and is rarely found elsewhere except in tree collections.

Nuttall Oak (quercus nuttallii)
Popular in North America because its leaves turn a deep red colour in autumn / fall. The Nuttall Oak grows to a maximum height of 35m (115ft) and is a deciduous oak tree.

Leaf of the Nuttall Oak (quercus nuttallii)

The leaves are recognisably those of an oak but the lobes are more angular. They are a dull green colour.

The bark is less well marked compared to many oaks. It tends to have raised rings running round the trunk.

Bark and trunk of the Nuttall Oak (quercus nuttallii)

Immature leaves of quercus nuttalli - Nuttall Oak The immature leaves are a much lighter green and they have distinct red veins. Click the left hand picture to see more clearly.