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Pyrenean Oak (quercus pyrenaica)


Picture of the tree quercus pyrenaica (Pyrenean Oak)
Pyrenean Oak, click to enlarge
An unusual oak tree for North America and Europe where it is only found in specialist tree collections.

Pyrenean  Oak (quercus pyrenaica)
Native to most South European countries and Morocco this deciduous oak reaches a mature height of 18m (60ft). This is a graceful tree with medium green leaves and open foliage.

The leaf of the Pyrenean Oak (quercus pyrenaica)

The leaves are about 20cm (8in) wide and 10cm (4in) wide. They are semi-glossy and have the traditional oak tree lobes.

The male flowers (see right) appear in June when the new light green leaves are forming.

Male flowers of Pyrenean Oak tree

The bark has the traditional oak look although it is a slightly lighter grey than others.

The acorns are fully ripe in October. The cup holds about one third of the acorn which is longer than normal for oaks.

Bark and trunk of quercus pyrenaica (Pyrenean Oak)