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Identify Other Species of Rowan (Mountain Ash) Trees


Sorbus madarensis
Sorbus maderensis, click to enlarge
Our main Rowan page has details of the well known species. This page list some less well known species that deserve the attention of gardeners.


Kashmir Rowan (sorbus cashmiriana)
Easily identified by its white autumn fruits this Rowan is slowly becoming more popular. It grows as a relatively upright tree to an eventual height of 10m (32ft). As well as the fruits, it has bunches of spring flowers which are a light pink.

Showy Mountain Ash / Rowan (sorbus decora)
A highly under rated Rowan native to the USA and Canada. Growing to about 10m (32ft) it has lots of white flowers in spring and red berries in autumn. The tree holds its shape well.

The trunk of the Showy Mountain Ash / Rowan (sorbus decora)

The berries of the Showy Mountain Ash / Rowan (sorbus decora)
  The leaves of the Showy Mountain Ash / Rowan (sorbus decora)


Showy Mountain Ash / Rowan (sorbus decora)  

Sorbus Esserteauana

Bark of sorbus esserteauana Berries of sorbus esserteauana
Leaves of sorbus esserteauana

  Sorbus esserteauana  

Madeira Rowan / Mountain Ash (sorbus maderensis)
The Madeira Rowan is almost extinct in the wild which is a great pity because it is the very best Rowan for a small garden. It forms a compact domed shrub shape. White flowers in spring, lots of berries in autumn and the foliage is held on the tree well. Unfortunately we found no online suppliers of this species of sorbus.

The bark of the Madeira Rowan tree (sorbus madriensis)

The berries of the Madeira Rowan tree (sorbus madriensis)
  The leaves of the Madeira Rowan tree (sorbus madriensis)


Madeira Rowan tree (sorbus madriensis)  

Sorbus matsumurana
A rare species of Rowan. We have the pictures of it below but little other information. You are unlikely to find sorbus matsumurana anywhere other than in an arboretum. The tree in the picture below was viewed at Batsford Arboretum. The bark is attractively mottled. the branches held high up the tree with a nice rounded appearance. There were lots of red berries on the tree and few had fallen.

The bark and trunk of sorbus matsumurana

Berries of sorbus matsumurana

Leaves of sorbus matsumurana


Sorbus matsumurana  

Small Leaf Rowan (sorbus-microphylla)

Sorbus pohuashanensis
Another rarely found sorbus species. Sorbus-pohuashanensis is an attractive small to medium sized tree which has lots of cream coloured flowers in spring and masses of orange berries in autumn. The narrow, glossy leaves are more attractive then most Rowan trees

Sorbus randaiensis

Bark of sorbus randaiensis Berries of sorbus randaiensis
Leaves of sorbus randaiensis

  Sorbus randaiensis  

Sorbus scalaris
An attractive and spreading tree, sorbus scalaris has narrow glossy green leaves which are very attractive. They are toothed only towards the end of each leaflet. The berries are orange and although small the sorbus scalaris produce a good number of them. The bark is an unremarkable relatively smooth, grey-green colour.

Bark of sorbus scalaris Berries of sorbus scalaris
Leaf of sorbus scalaris

  Sorbus scalaris  

Wilford's Rowan (sorbus wilfordii)
Named after Charles Wilford who worked in the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew in the mid 1800s. He recorded sorbus wilfordii whilst working in Korea, Japan and Taiwan. This species is also known as sorbus commixta var. rufoferruginea.

Bark and trunk of Wilford's Rowan (sorbus wilfordii) Berries of Wilford's Rowan (sorbus wilfordii) Leaves of Wilford's Rowan (sorbus wilfordii)

  Bark of Wilford's Rowan (sorbus wilfordii)