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How to Care for Ridge (Outdoor) Cucumbers (page 3)

How to Prune Ridge (Outdoor) Cucumbers
Cucumber plants will produce too much leafy growth at the expense of fruit if they are not pruned. When the plant has produced six sets of leaves on the main stem pinch out the growing tip with your finger nails or secateurs. This will encourage the quick growth of side shoots and therefore fruit. Train the side shoots which then grow over the ground or up a trellis (read the seed packet for instructions on the variety you have chosen).

As the plant begins to form cucumbers, pinch out the side shoots one set of leaves beyond the forming fruit. This will encourage quicker fruit growth. Don't remove any flowers, fruit will form from pollinated female plants.

Care of Ridge (Outdoor) Cucumbers
Cucumbers require a constant supply of water and will need hand-watering if conditions become dry. To help retain moisture in the soil keep weeds away and mulch with well-rotted compost or black plastic. When watering, keep the main stem dry to help prevent disease.

Feed the plants with a high nitrogen liquid fertiliser when the fruits begin to form and continue doing this at two week intervals. If the plant requires support, regularly tie in any growing stems. Consult the seed packet for the variety you are growing.

Harvest ridge (Outdoor) Cucumbers
Ridge cucumbers will start to crop from early autumn onwards, possibly earlier if they have been given cloche protection in the beginning stages. Cucumbers taste best when young so don't let them stay on the plant too long. They are probably best harvested when they are around 20 cm (8 in) long.

If the fruits are laying on the ground when growing, place some glass or plastic below the fruit to protect them from pest and disease.




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