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Pest and Disease of Ridge (Outdoor) Cucumbers (page 4)

Ridge (outdoor) cucumber plants are marginally less prone to disease compared to cucumbers grown in greenhouses. The main pests and diseases are shown below. Where a pest / disease is underlined below, click on the link for much more detailed information.

Pest / Disease

Symptoms and Treatment

Red Spider Mite Leaves turn yellow and if severe the whole plant can be tinged with a bronze colour. Eventually the plant will wilt and die. Fine silk like threads often appear, mainly on the leaves. Spray with derris or water with a small amount of washing up liquid in it. Mist regularly with water.

Aphids (greenfly and blackfly) This is the commonest pest of ridge cucumbers. You will seed lots of small or black flies on the underside of the leaves. First spray with water and a small amount of washing up liquid in it. Then pick of the flies with your hands. healthy plants will outgrow the attack

Slugs The stems and some leaves will have holes in them. Around the plants there will be silver coloured slime trails. Treatment is varied, so click on "slugs" in the left-hand column for much more information. Click here for even more information.

Mosaic virus The cucumber plant leaves will be mottled yellow and green. There is no treatment for this disease. It is spread by aphids and humans so aphid control and cleanliness is the best preventative measure.

Verticillium Wilt The leaves become yellow at the bottom of the plant (this disease is from the soil) and the yellowing works it's way up the plant. There is no cure so dig up and burn infected plants. The best preventative measure is to keep the surrounding soil clear of all debris. Keep water away from the base of the main stem