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Prune Your Peach Tree
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Training Your Peach Tree (continued)

pruning a fan peach

In the second summer ( July ), remove all growths from both of the main branches, leaving only three on each branch - two pointing upwards and one pointing downwards. See the diagram on the right.

Pruning in Later Years
The branches should first be pruned around April time after the flowers have faded and the fruit is beginning to form.

peach pruning pictureExamine the branches which are bearing fruit and remove all new shoots on them with the exception of the following:

1. Do not remove the the shoot nearest the base of the branch (see 'DO NOT PRUNE' in the diagram above) - this should be allowed to develop and will bear fruit next year.

2. Keep three or four of the healthiest shoots which have young developing fruit.

The second phase of pruning is in early October , when the foliage starts to die down and the structure of the tree is more visible. Cut out all branches which have produced fruit this summer as far back as the shoot nearest the base of the branch (the 'DO NOT PRUNE' shoot shown in the above diagram). Tie in all stems to the wire supports.



Name: Neil Schwerdt
E-mail: Private
Date posted: July 02, 2011 - 01:34 am
Message: Hi I have a peach tree that a the base is growning three way's I do not know switch is the main branch .Are all three that are growning from the ground a main branch ? Thank's Neil S

Name: wal egan
Date posted: September 19, 2010 - 05:35 am
Message: Where can I get detailed pruning info on my peach tree
that is flowering now. My tree was cut severely last year and the new branches are loaded with buds and
flowers. I dont know what to remove and what to save.
Thanking you in advance. I am, Wal Egan