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Laxton's Superb Desert Apple

Laxton's Superb was first bred in 1897, Bedford in England. It is a cross between the Cox and Wyken Pippin apple trees. Thomas Laxton was famous plant breeder in Victorian times and bred numerous fruit varieties, apples and strawberries in particular. The company ceased trading in 1957 when it was taken over by Bunyard Nurseries.


Laxton's Superb is a very tasty Victorian eating apple which crops reliably. It keeps well, lasting to February if stored correctly. It produces attractive apples with a green background and 50% or so covering with a dull red flush. Laxton's Superb is self-fertile but produces a more reliable crop where other varieties of apple tree are nearby.

If you want to grow an old fashioned apple tree with an appealing but distinctive taste then consider Laxton's Superb. Disease resistance is good for an apple tree of this vintage with scab only being a problem on apples from the lower part of the tree.


Taste Sweet 

Skin Texture Medium

Flesh Pure white and hard

Apple size On the larger sisize


Flowers Middle to late season

Pollination Group 4

Vigour Reasonably vigorous

Crop Yield High

Eating time November to February

Tree Shape Upright and spreading