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Warner's King Cooking Apple

Warner's King dates back to 1700 and has a history which has been documented. Over the years this apple tree has been called by various names. It was first discovered in Weavering, Kent, England as a seedling.
It produces lots of apples each year, and is a good choice for cold or windy areas.

The apples are a typical cooking apple green with large individual apples. The apples turn slightly yellow as they ripen on the tree. This is a triploid variety which is self-fertile. The apples have small russet type markings on them.

Warner's King English cooking apple

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Taste Acidic

Skin Texture Hard

Flesh Pure white and crisp

Apple size Large


Flowers Early season

Pollination Group 2

Vigour Very vigorous

Crop Yield High

Eating time September to March

Tree Shape Not known