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Blenheim Orange Cooking
and Desert Apple

Blenheim Orange was first discovered growing against a wall of Blenheim Park, near Oxford in England. That was as far back as 1740. Initially given the name Kempster's Pippin after Mr Kempster who found it.
The apple tree was then marketed commercially by by a Worcestershire nursery owned by a Mr Biggs. It was then that it was given the name Blenheim Orange.

Blenheim Orange was a popular commercially produced apple up till the mid 1930s when it was replaced by other more commercially viable apple varieties. It is still a popular apple tree for the amateur gardener being both a cooking apple and, later in the season, a full flavoured slightly acidic eating apple.

When cooked the apple flesh turns to a firm pulp making it ideal for recipes where a puree apple is required but with some body to it. Apple Charlotte is the perfect example of this. The apple flesh is encased in bread and should form a rigid shape. Blenheim Orange is perfect for this type of sweet dish.

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Taste Sweet, nutty and acidic

Skin Texture Medium, slightly russett

Flesh Crumbly, cream white

Apple size Medium to large



Vigour Very vigorous

Crop Yield High

Eating time October to December

Tree Shape Spreading

Pollination Group D, a self-sterile triploid type