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Devonshire Quarrenden
Desert Apple

An extremely old variety of apple tree which we pictured at Hill Close Gardens in Warwick in August 2008.

This variety is recorded in 1676 and as the name suggests, originates from Devon. It's ripe early in the season for picking, mid-August is about right. It has a distinctive fruity taste, definitely of strawberries.

We like this variety because the apples are a glorious scarlet red over a yellow base, they look delicious. They produce apples when few other trees can and of course they taste great. Just think, grow this apple tree in your garden and you will be eating the same apples eaten in the time of King Charles II!

Picture of apple variety Devonshire Quarrenden

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Taste Sweet and juicy, good acid balance 

Skin Texture Medium

Flesh White and crisp

Apple size Medium


Flowers Early

Pollination Group 2

Vigour Moderate

Crop Yield Medium

Eating time Mid August to September

Tree Shape Upright then spreading